Technical details

Lotru uses Next.js App Router, Vite, Joy UI, Framer Motion, dnd-kit, Zod and Typescript to build wonderful SaaS applications.

Under the hood, there are many more libraries and architectural decisions you should know.

1. A Scalable Application

The codebase comes in two versions: Next.js and Vite.

The Next.js setup uses the app directory and React Server Components.

The front end is fully built with React, leveraging React Hooks and the best practices available today.

2. Theme built with Joy UI

We designed the theme in light and dark, so you can choose to use both according to your user's OS settings or manage it using a local cookie.

3. Fully and Strictly Typed with Typescript

Every single line of code is meticulously written using strictly-typed Typescript, ensuring comprehensive typing coverage across both client and server side.

4. Payload validation with Zod

The forms are validated and protected with Zod, which also helps with strong-typing.

5. Linted with EsLint and formatted with Prettier

We lint the codebase with a very strict EsLint configuration, but we distribute it with less strict params so that it won't be in your way as you're experimenting with the starter.

We will show you how to add stricter parameters if that's your thing, but we do not recommend jumping head-in with it. It's much better to activate the stricter configuration once you have already shipped the product and are looking to stabilize it.

Furthermore, the codebase is formatted with Prettier automatically.