Discover the third-party dependencies utilized.

The app is built using the latest trends with periodic updates. The optional dependencies are used to create app features. If you do not need a feature, please remove the dependency to keep the project files clean and reduce dependency download and install time.

Required dependencies

  • @emotion/*: used by MUI for styling
  • @fontsource/*: provides the fonts
  • @mui/*: UI components and helpers
  • next: web framework
  • react: UI framework
  • react-dom: UI framework

Optional dependencies

  • @dnd-kit/*: libraries for drag-and-drop functionality
  • @hookform/rezolvers: helpers for form validation
  • @phosphor-icons/*: UI icons
  • @supabase/*: libraries for Supabase Authentication and Storage
  • @tiptap/*: UI text editor and helpers
  • dayjs: utility to handle dates
  • framer-motion: utility to build animations
  • framer-motion-ticker: carousel built on top of framer-motion
  • mapbox-gl: library to build and render interactive maps
  • react-dropzone: utility to handle file-drop
  • react-hook-form: form helpers
  • react-map-gl: React wrapper for mapbox-gl
  • react-simple-maps: library to build static maps
  • recharts: build and render UI charts
  • sonner: render toasts
  • zod: utility for validation

Development dependencies

  • @ianvs/prettier-plugin-sort-imports: helper to auto-sort imports
  • @testing-library/*: libraries to write UI tests
  • @types/*: polyfill missing package types
  • @typescript-eslint/*: handle TypeScript linting
  • eslint-*: lint related packages
  • jest-*: test related packages
  • lint-staged: automate code formatting
  • prettier: format code
  • typescript: compile TypeScript to JavaScript