Introduction to Lotru: a SaaS application template.

Lotru is a complete, scalable, and customizable solution for building a SaaS application built to get you started on the right foot.

The product comes in two versions, one built with Next.js and one built with Vite.

This Next.js version uses the new App Router introduced with Next.js 13, which is built on top of the new React Server Components.

What does the boilerplate provide?

Tech Stack

We've crafted Lotru using a selection of the most advanced technologies available today, including Next.js and Vite aswell as Joy UI:

  • A scalable Vite or Next.js RSC (app directory) structure template, tailored to accommodate even the most ambitious projects.
  • A visually pleasing Joy UI theme, complete with a dynamic dark mode option.
  • Reusable UI components designed as fundamental building blocks. These components can be effortlessly substituted with your own creations or preferred libraries, all built on the foundation of Joy UI.
  • A preconfigured Supabase setup, including the Authentication system.
  • An Authentication flow compatible with Server-Side Rendering (SSR), encompassing support for third-party providers such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and more.

Template Features

  • Dashboards: Get a real-time, customizable view of your business metrics. Arrange widgets and charts the way you want, and stay updated on your performance effortlessly.
  • Customers: Manage your customers with ease. Keep track of their details, interactions, and history all in one place. Build stronger relationships and provide personalized experiences.
  • Products: Organize your products or services seamlessly. Add product information, categorize items, and stay on top of your inventory, ensuring accurate information for both you and your customers.
  • Orders: Take control of your orders effortlessly. Create, track, and fulfill orders while having all the necessary customer information at your fingertips. Keep your order processing and customer support smooth.
  • Invoices: Simplify your invoicing process. Generate and manage invoices with customizable templates and integrated payment options. Keep a clear record of your financial transactions and make payments hassle-free.
  • User Profile: Personalize your dashboard experience. Manage your account settings, update your info, and set preferences to make the dashboard work just the way you like it.
  • Kanban: Visualize your tasks and projects. Create boards with stages of work, and move tasks as they progress. Collaborate and manage your workflow efficiently with a clear, visual approach.
  • Members: Collaborate and control access with ease. Invite team members, assign roles, and manage permissions. Securely work together and achieve more with your team.

With these features in your SaaS Dashboard Template, you'll have everything you need to run your business smoothly, collaborate seamlessly, and make informed decisions to drive your success.

Post-Purchase Support

Rest assured, you won't be navigating this journey alone. We extend our assistance and support in the following ways:

Team Access: Gain entry to a dedicated team ready to assist you with feedback, accommodate requests, and provide overall support. We're fully committed to aiding you in developing your SaaS venture. This documentation serves as your introduction to each of the aforementioned aspects, guiding you through the process of seamlessly tailoring Lotru to align with your application's specific domain.

And remember, if you ever find yourself in a bind, don't hesitate to reach out to us for guidance. We're here to help.